About us



EMY TSUBASA is a brand of a young fashion designer access on the manufacture of unique clothing and limited editions.

The collections are composed of different styles that will please all tastes.

Concerned about women's comfort and appearance, Emy Tsubasa chooses her materials and ornaments to offer high quality and unique creations.

Made by his hands, each creation has been worked with the greatest care.

Emy Tsubasa develops its products according to a professional ethics by respecting the following 3 points:


1. French manufacturing

All Emy Tsubasa's creations are handmade in a French workshop.

The products are produced by highly qualified personnel.


2. Eco-responsible

Choice of fabrics according to their environmental impact, their recyclability and the limitation of the use of treatment chemicals. Our goal is to effectively combat the depletion of natural resources.

Emy Tsubasa is committed to the animal cause by not working with animal materials

( furs, skins,...)


3. Noble Materials

Emy Tsubasa uses first quality materials according to a strict and flawless selection.

The creations are made of different materials including French cotton and wool knits, festooned lace and Calais whipped cream, Thai silk, Japanese Miyuki glass beads, top-of-the-range Indian fabric, etc.